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LimeSurvey offers two options for support:

Community support

Community support is great for small non-urgent questions or requests. Community support is offered the following way: Please note that the support is provided mainly by volunteers who love LimeSurvey. They give up some of their own precious free time to help you. There is however no guarantee on how long it will take for your to receive a answer to any request - most of the times you will get an answer within a reasonable time frame, though.

Professional support

We strongly recommend this option for any request that is urgent or needs to be fulfilled in a professional, sensitive manner. This could be for example a set up of a big survey, special configurations in your survey, design, general support, or even software integrations with data warehouses, etc.

For this case we invented the 'LimeSurvey Partners' which is a group of professional companies & individuals from all over the world who are ready to provide proper support and will help you with all scenarios related to LimeSurvey.

The LimeSurvey Partners offer the following services:

Please check out the links above for a listing of Partners in that particular category.

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