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LimeSurvey Professional

Professional hosting - reliable and secure

  • Up and running in under 5 minutes
  • No hassle with your own servers. Let us do the hosting and you focus on your questions
  • See feature list for all included features

Community Edition Premium Packages

Enhance your self-hosted LimeSurvey installation

  • ComfortUpdate - easily update LimeSurvey Community to the latest version!
  • Additional survey templates - New templates in new colors to create surveys in your favorite color theme
  • Long Term Support for version 2.06 - Get access to this older version that receives critical security patches by download or ComfortUpdate

LimeSurvey Professional

Professional Hosting Subscription

  • 25 responses per month
  • SSL optional
  • 10 MB upload question storage
  • No white label
  • Advertising
  • All features included


Professional Hosting Subscription

  • 1000 responses per month
  • SSL optional
  • 100 MB upload question storage
  • White label
  • No advertising
  • All features included
29€ / month

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Professional Hosting Subscription

  • 10 000 responses per year
  • SSL included
  • 500 MB upload question storage
  • White label
  • No advertising
  • All features included
349€ / year

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Professional Hosting Subscription

  • 100 000 Responses per year
  • SSL included
  • 1 GB upload question storage
  • White label
  • No advertising
  • All features included
849€ / year

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All prices are including VAT and any possible arising taxes or costs.

Frequently asked questions

When does the month, or the year end/start?
The month, or the year, are calculated based on the day the subscription has started.
A BASIC package bought at the 23rd of April for example, will be renewed on the 23rd of May.
What is the minimum contract term?
There is none. You can buy our subscriptions just as easy as packages.
The runtime of a subscription is one month, one year respectively, but you can cancel them anytime.
Due to technical difficulties you have to cancel your subscription at least three days before the renewal.
Do I lose access when I cancel my subscription?
A clear no! You will neither lose access to your account nor your installation if you cancel the subscription.
You can still use all features of LimeSurvey. Only the number of possible responses will change.
Will I loose my remaining responses, when I cancel my subscription?
After the subscription ended, you will fall back to the FREE package, which will set back your account to up to 25 responses.
Can I still use my installation completely after I have cancelled a subscription?
Yes. We do not cut back on features inside your installation.
Features such as SSL-encryption and domain aliasing however, are only available in a subscription.
Do the responses stack up?
No, your responses will not stack up.
The BASIC package for example will set your response count to 1000 every month.
For the start/end of a month see: When does the month, or the year end/start?
Can I still buy the prepaid-packages?
No the prepaid packages are not available anymore.
If the responses of the Basic plan do not hold up until the end o the month, you may buy another BASIC Package at once. It will set your responses to 1000 again and reset the renewal date.
What does count as an answer?

In a short sentence...

An answer is a completed survey, not taking in account how many questions or question groups are in a survey.

In a longer case description...

  • A survey is taken and completed => 1 answer
  • A survey is taken and only half completed => 0.5 answer
  • A dataset gets manually added through an administrator => 1 answer
  • A partially done survey gets marked as finished by an administrator => 0.5 answer
Are there certain features locked if I'm using only the free part?

There are no locked features - you are always having access to the same feature set as if you bought additional Survey responses.

What happens if I exceed my available number of Survey Responses?

At first we will send you a warning by email that your available Survey Responses are getting low - you can set this warning limit in your account settings after registering.
Please make sure your email-address is correct when you sign up!
If your available Survey Response balance hits zero your participants won't be able to answer your survey anymore and we will send another email to you.
In the FREE plan access to your Installation will be completely locked.

How do I keep overview of my Survey Response usage?

Under "Your profile&services" is a menu-item on the left called "Response Usage" where you can access detailed statistics for your responses.

The following graphs are available:

  • Hourly response count during the last 24 hours
  • Daily response count during the last 60 days
  • Monthly response count usage showing the last 12 months
  • Every graph is accompanied with a detailed table of your response counts.

If you have more questions please don't hesitate to use our support system.

What is domain aliasing and why would I need it?

Sometimes you don't want people to be irritated by the URL in the address bar when you offer a link to your survey on your website and the URL is changing to '' or similar.

Domain aliasing allows you to use your LimeSurvey installation under your own domain name.


Your normal website is Your LimeSurvey installation is on By using domain aliasing you can set for example that would use the LimeSurvey installation on without any disadvantages. Your survey participants will only see the domain, never the LimeSurvey one.

 Domain aliasing is available on the EXPERT and the ENTERPRISE subscription only.


  1. Edit your account setting on and enter the desired domain name (without http://), for example ''
  2. Open your domain hosting or web provider panel and change the DNS for that domain name ('') and point it to the IP address of your LimeSurvey installation. You can find out the IP by opening a console window and type 'ping'.

Please note:

  • You cannot set an alias on specific pages or paths (like, only full domain names. In most cases a sub-domain is the best option. If you want to point a root domain to your LimeSurvey installation (, that is fine too.

If you have more questions please don't hesitate to use our support system.

What kind of support do you offer?

When using LimeSurvey there are several ways of getting support:

  • For technical issues/questions regarding LimeSurvey or sales questions please use our support tracking system (only for registered users)
  • Use the community Support forums on to find solutions for the most general problems. If you want to post a question there you will need to register a free account on
  • If you need support beyond this for advanced questions, survey setup, integrations, evaluation/statistics, survey theme design etc. please contact one of our partners from our LimeSurvey Partner directory. They will make you a proper offer based on your requirements.
How can I delete my account?
If you want us to delete your account please create a ticket in our support tracker with your request. Normally we will then delete your account within 24 hours.
Is my LimeSurvey installation available 100% of the time?

We are trying our best to keep your installation available at all times. If there is a reason to shutdown the survey facilities we will let you know in advance either directly by email (for a scheduled maintenance) or on the homepage (for emergency maintenance).

I want to design my surveys on my local computer using LimeSurvey and upload these later. Is that possible?
Yes, generally that is possible without problems. There is one important thing though: You can't import files from a version newer then the version LimeSurvey is using. Usually LimeSurvey is always using the latest stable version. Currently you can import survey from any LimeSurvey version up to 1.91+. You can download any earlier LimeSurvey version from the LimeSurvey download page.
What payment types do you offer?

We are offering the following payments types to buy Survey responses

  • Paypal
  • PayOne
  • All common credit cards
  • For some countries: Bank wire transfer & Speed wire transfer
Almost all payment types are handled by both, PayOne & Paypal. Please note you do not need to own/register a Paypal account for payment.
Do I get an invoice for my bought packaes?
Yes, everytime the package is billed you will get an automatically generated invoice directly sent to your email-address.
How do I configure email-settings in LimeSurvey?

When sending invitiations or reminders for your survey you have two choices now:

1.) Using LimeSurvey mail server

If you are using the internal LimeSurvey mail server all your emails will be having the sender address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However these emails will have a Reply-to header with your email address. So in case someone tries to reply they will write to you directly.

Although this method is very quickly set up (just enter Global settings and set 'LimeSurvey' as your preferred mail type) it has one downside: If an email cannot be transmitted to the email receiver and bounced back then you won't get any notifications whatsoever.

Please note that we check on sent emails. Please don't abuse LimeSurvey for Spam or we will have to lock your account. Make sure that you have the general consent of people you want to send invitations to.

2.) Using your own SMTP server

This method has the advantage that you can send all invitation- and reminder-emails using your own sender address and you will get bounced email back about invalid email address.. Most email-providers and hosting-providers offer SMTP to send emails. The only thing for you to find out is how to send an email over that SMTP - by finding out the following details:

  • Email address (which is allowed to send using that server)
  • SMTP user name (in many cases this is the same as the Email-address)
  • SMTP host name
  • Password
  • Does your SMTP require an SSL or TLS connection? If yes, also find out which port it is.

Then enter the global settings dialog in your LimeSurvey installation and go to the Email-tab - enter the required data. If your SMTP server is using a special port then attach it to the host name with a colon. For example if your host name is '' and the port is 143 then write '' as host name. For security reasons we currently allow only the following ports numbers: 110, 143, 587, 993 and 995.

After you saved the new settings make also sure that you enter that same valid email address in the survey settings of your survey.

Now it should be all running fine.

A note to the system administrators:
LimeSurvey will initialize the SMTP connection from the IP address of the LimeSurvey installation. Just ping the URL of the LimeSurvey installation to find out which one it is. In case you have your SMTP locked down you will need to add this IP address as an exception to your SMTP configuration/firewall.

I have created a survey but on my LimeSurvey homepage only the message ' No available surveys' is shown?

By default, surveys are not listed on the public homepage of your LimeSurvey installation for privacy reasons - better safe than sorry.

If you want a survey to be listed on the homepage just the edit the survey 'General settings', choose the tab 'Publication & access control' and activate the setting 'List survey publicly'.

Community Edition Premium Packages

Surveyor Trial Package
1 month

  • Use ComfortUpdate for up to 6 updates
  • Access to 2.06+ LTS version by download or ComfortUpdate
  • Access to 3 additional survey design templates

Get it now

Surveyor Premium Package
3 months

  • Use ComfortUpdate for up to 30 updates
  • Access to 2.06+ LTS version by download or ComfortUpdate
  • Access to 3 additional survey design templates
39 € 
(13 EUR/month)
Including 19% VAT

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Most buys!

Surveyor Premium Package
6 months

  • Use ComfortUpdate for up to 60 updates
  • Access to 2.06+ LTS version by download or ComfortUpdate
  • Access to 3 additional survey design templates
59 € 
(9.83 EUR/month)
Including 19% VAT

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Best value

Surveyor Premium Package
12 months

  • Use ComfortUpdate for up to 120 updates
  • Access to 2.06+ LTS version by download or ComfortUpdate
  • Access to 3 additional survey design templates
99 € 
(8.25 EUR/month)
Including 19% VAT

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All prices are including VAT and any possible arising taxes or costs.

Frequently asked questions

When does the key expire?
A key expires either if the expiration date has reached or the maximum number of uses for that key has been reached. One use is spent when you use ComfortUpdate to update to the latest version/build.
Can I use the same key with several LimeSurvey installations?
Yes, you can. Again, please note that each key has a maximum number of uses/updates assigned to it. See the previous FAQ item.
Wait? Isn't LimeSurvey Free Open Source software - why should I pay for something?
Yes, LimeSurvey software is Free Open Source - everyone can use, modify and distribute it for commercial, private and educational purposes under the GPL license v3
(btw, the name and logo LimeSurvey is trademarked, so please don't advertise commercial services using the LimeSurvey brand.)
Development of LimeSurvey has moved to a professional level, so we need funding to pay our developers.
That is why we now offer a premium package for LimeSurvey.
At first this Premium package will include ComfortUpdate only, which can be used to conveniently update LimeSurvey from within the application. If you don't want to use the ComfortUpdate function you can still update manually to the latest version.
At a later point we will add more functions to the Premium package, so stay tuned!
Why isn't ComfortUpdate for free anymore?
ComfortUpdate was always intended to be a premium add-on feature. In the early days of ComfortUpdate you had to also enter a key to use it. We are just doing the final step now.
Will you make more existing LimeSurvey features to be paid?
Thats a clear yesno.
LimeSurvey is under GPL so every feature in LimeSurvey will always be open to everyone.
However there are features around the software like template editing, advanced survey export and so on, that may get paid extras in the future.


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