LimeSurvey 2.50+ build 160213 released!

-Fixed issue #10368: Missing translations (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10382: Some buttons in ComfortUpdate not properly labeled when using French translation (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10387: Token firstname and lastname field length too short (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10397: Update fails from versions beofore 2.50 (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10398: Stats on Global Settings Overview do not tie up with list under configuration drop down (Olle Haerstedt)
-Fixed issue #10400: No plugin settings in survey (Olle Haerstedt)
-Fixed issue #10402: Superadmin not seeing all surveys in survey list (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10404: Missing translation on home page (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10405: Missing tranlsation/tyop on front page (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10408: Mix of two ways to select on/off yes/no when editing a question (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #10409: missing inline html-editor when editing mail templates (fix reset button position) (Olle Haerstedt)
-Fixed issue #10412: Installer still partially unstyled (Olle Haerstedt)
-Fixed issue : User with global read surveys permission don't see all surveys (Denis Chenu)
#Updated translation: Norwegian (Bokmal) by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian (Nynorsk) by pmonstad

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