Random assignement (after having tried everything a neophyte can)

3 months 3 days ago #191227 by Elodie_Auer

I know this topics has been covered many times. But after having visited many pages and tried many things I am still unsuccessfull. I try to randomly assigned 3 questions (each made of a MCQ with pictures). I am a pure neophyte, but I think I have understood the concept behind and I have created my equation question which looks to work but then none of my questions appear and the "==" appears red in the relevant equation (see attached). I have tried to insert the conditions through the "set the conditions" buttons and through the relevance field, but no success.

Could someone maybe help me? I have also joined the file of the my questions group.

Alernatively, someone has shared a working file here : www.limesurvey.org/forum/design-issues/1...ment-of-question-a-b , but the format is not the same than the version I use.

Thank you so much in advance!

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