LimeSurvey 1.90 Liberado!

LimeSurvey 1.90 está liberado! Por favor, dê o seu agradecimento à equipe LimeSurvey que tornaram isto possível: os nossos programadores, tradutores e simpatizantes do fórum (em nenhuma ordem particular). Todos eles contribuíram para tornar este grande software - se você quiser ajudar por favor considere dar uma mãozinha com a atualização de traduções, ajudar a outros usuários nos fóruns, espalhar a palavra sobre LimeSurvey ou simplesmente fazer uma doação em dinheiro!

O LimeSurvey 1.90 apresenta três novas traduções (Malta, Irlanda e hindi), e mais de 40 recursos novos e atualizados. Um problema conhecido: RemoteControl não está funcionando nesta versão totalmente - mas já estamos trabalhando para consertar isso para 1.91 (que exige algumas mudanças maiores no código).

Baixe a nova versão agora ou leia o log de alterações e recurso.


New features in LimeSurvey 1.90 (from 1.87+)

+New translation: Maltese kindly provided by Richard Pullicino - richard (dot) pullicino (at) me (dot) com (c_schmitz)
+New translation: Irish - kindly contributed by Karin Whooley, National Centre for Technology in Education, Dublin (c_schmitz)
+New translation: Hindi (abhinav1, smartbehl)
+New feature: Very basic HTTPS support (c_schmitz) - allows dynamic switching between https and http
+New feature: Displays name of quota as header when adding new 'answers' (jcleeland)
+New feature: Show number of tokens and response rate for surveys using tokens. (maziminke)
+New feature: Layout improvements to make distingushing quotas a bit easier, messagebox class for add-answer, and new option to make adding multiple answers to a quota simpler (jcleeland)
+New feature: Default values can now be set in a different dialog. Language dependant default values for the option 'Other' now possible (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Multiple label sets can be exported/imported now as one file. (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Non-standard design templates now reside in the /upload/templates dir. Makes backup of user generated content easier since it is all in one place and also allows to set stricter permissions on the standard /templates dir (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Show number of tokens and response rate for surveys using tokens. (maziminke)
+New feature: Support for native MSSQL 2005+ adodb driver - patch by c-pucci (c_schmitz)
+New feature: When browsing responses you can mark now several responses for deletion and delete all with a single click (c_schmitz)
+New feature #4272: Disable scrollwheel in listboxes/dropdownboxes to prevent accidental scrolling - patch kindly provided by 'jas' (lemeur)
+New feature: Database-based sessions for load balanced servers which can be activated by a new configuration settings (see config-defaults.php) (c_schmitz)
+New feature: While creating a survey you can now copy an existing one (machaven)
+New feature: Completely reworked XML-based import/export format for questions/groups/surveys/label sets (cschmitz)
+New feature: Label sets are no longer connected to questions - they are merely templates for subquestions or answers (cschmitz)
+New feature: New concept of sub-questions was introduced (cschmitz)
+New feature: Completely new AJAX interface for editing answers/subquestion including the ability to quick-add/replace from label sets or by pasting from Excel or CSV (cschmitz)
+New feature: Integrity check now checks and removes invalid survey permissions automatically (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Integrity check now checks for orphaned survey language settings (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Multiple checkbox selection in template rights screen, so you can choose all templates or no templates with one click (jcleeland)
+New feature #2613: Added question attribute "numbers_only" to question type "Array Multi Flexible Text" - actually, it's adding attribute "Text inputs" to the array (numbers) question type, so that it presents a text input box rather than a dropdown. Note, if selected, overrides minimum value, maximum value and step. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Input-boxes for array (numbers) question type (jcleeland)
+New feature: When filtering for text questions you can use now % and * as wildcards and use OR and ',' as separators matching for multiple values at the same time - patch by ecaron (c_schmitz)
+New feature: If the maximum character question attribute is set then the print view is properly adjusted (mdekker)
+New feature: Question divs now have ID with schema 'question' so you can style questions in print view individually (c_schmitz)
+New feature: When copying a question, LimeSurvey now displays the newly created (copied) question after saving (jcleeland)
+New feature: Delete multiple token entries using select boxes (jcleeland)
+New feature: Usability enhancements to response browsing (cschmitz)
+New feature: Use @@SURVEYURL@@ in invitation/reminder emails to be able to use it inside an link (cschmitz)
+New feature: Opt-out feature for invitations/reminder emails (cschmitz)
+New feature: Question attributes for the time_limit feature - disable previous button while timer counts down, 2nd warning message, insert your own countdown text. Also re-ordered display of time limit group in advanced settings. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Survey count for each users is shown in the user administration (c_schmitz)
+New feature: {INSERTANS:xxx} placeholders are now available in confirmation email for surveys with non-anonymous answers. (lemeur)
#Updated feature: the {TOKEN} replacement field is now available in confirmation email. (lemeur)
#Updated feature: Dropped support for importing questions/question groups/survey from any PHPSurveyor/LimeSurvey version older than 1.50 (DBversion 114) (c_schmitz)
#Updated feature: Changed the class for the {QUESTIONHELP} element to "survey-question-help" in all templates (differentiates it from the {QUESTION_HELP} element) (tpartner)
#Updated feature: Allow .ico files to be uploaded at the template editor so that users can upload their own favicons. (maziminke)