LimeSurvey 4.1.17 build 200414 released!

LimeSurvey - the free & open source survey software tool!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue: Original superadmin should always be able to edit other users passwords
-Fixed issue #16134: Unable to disable XSS , inversion with script enable
-Fixed issue #16132: ext.SettingsWidget.SettingsWidget add uneeded, broken and anasked buttons
-Fixed issue #16123: TSV export does not properly export a single group/question/answer option etc.
-Fixed issue #16115: .lsg group export does not export subquestion texts
-Fixed issue #16098: Typo in survey groups
-Fixed issue #16087: Resume later email text bad content-type set
-Fixed issue #16080: Preview question does not work from the first try
-Fixed issue #15933: Missing groups, question and answer options in tab-separated-values format
-Fixed issue #15931: Custom table-prefix ignored on installation
-Fixed issue #15843: Unable to run db migration via command line
-Fixed issue #14291: CSRF 400 server error after entering update key
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