LimeSurvey 3.17.6 build 190624 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue [security]: Unauthorized admin can create new user using Authdb plugin
-Fixed issue #14337: Comparaison String and Numeric is different in same page and other page
-Fixed issue #14541
-Fixed issue #14742: Questions with Expresion Manager code are not shown properly at Quota overview
-Fixed issue #14779: Opening and ending tag issue on token edit form
-Fixed issue #14881: 'show pop-ups' 'Off'-setting not working anymore
-Fixed issue #14898: Prevent SID of -1 during import
-Fixed issue #14936: Preview group : relevance on question broken
-Fixed issue #14951: Loss of data when loading a non finished survey
-Fixed issue #14954: Charts in Statistics are not showing completely - added check
-Fixed issue #14962: Checkbox radio Y scale don't shown in little screen
-Fixed issue #14966: Array checkbox : all EM usage in same page is broken
-Fixed issue #14967: Validation code uneditable
-Fixed issue #14969: missing noanswer-item class for 5 point choice array
-Fixed issue #14987: Preview question not working
-Fixed issue #14998: Usage of self.NAOK insique all question part are broken
-Fixed issue: HTML tables have a missing cell in statistics
-Fixed issue : missing noanswer-item class for array by column (Denis Chenu) Download the latest version

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