LimeSurvey 3.15.9 build 190214 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #14499: Add first and last name to the "To" of confirmation email
-Fixed issue #12992: PHP-function each
-Fixed issue #14309: Upgrade to 3.15 SQL Error
-Fixed issue #14410: Ranking : no alert when try to put more than answer
-Fixed issue #14453: Deletion of responses broken
-Fixed issue #14465: EM relevance not being recalculated after conditions changed
-Fixed issue #14472: Central participants not exporting
-Fixed issue #14476: Better error message than token_id doesn't have a default value
-Fixed issue #14480: No information shown after alert withot js, no way to have this managed by theme
-Fixed issue #14481: Filter of answers not working
-Fixed issue #14487: End-URL doesn't work correctly
-Fixed issue #14488: Potential SQL exception when creating a subquestion
-Fixed issue #14489: Some question html broke response browsing
-Fixed issue #14490: PHP error with Question L on statistic with pgsql
-Fixed issue #14492: Setting question as Mandatory does not save attribute
-Fixed issue #14495: Error with P type and comment suffix
-Fixed issue #14498: Participant view for statistics goes unformatted
-Fixed issue #14503: Save button in "Copy survey" panel does not do anything
-Fixed issue #14505: [security] XSS Attack Vector - Participant Attributes
-Fixed issue #14508: [security] XSS Attack Vector - Assessment editing
-Fixed issue #14509: [security] XSS Attack Vector - CPDB upload
-Fixed issue #14511: Equations or code in questions are visible on statistics
-Fixed issue #14519: Letters do not get automatically deleted any longer in only numbers fields
-Fixed issue #14524: Take bFixNumAuto and bNumRealValue into account
-Fixed issue: 2 delete buttons in template editor
-Fixed issue: Display participant failing with specific set permissions
-Fixed issue: Empty Create menu shown in token with only view permission
-Fixed issue: Error message "division by zero" when "display _columns" attribute is missing, only in debug mode
-Fixed issue: PHP warning message when saving new response without uploaded file
-Fixed issue: Printable view containe em function instead of values
-Fixed issue: Tip for numeric input still show error after fixed
-Fixed issue: Wrong encoding specification in R script
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