LimeSurvey 3.14.3 build 180809 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #13669: Stylesheet missing in themes/survey fruity
-Fixed issue #13669: recursive way, for easy maintenance
-Fixed issue #13929: Italic text in admin shown with a serif font
-Fixed issue #13931: Installer enters an infinite redirect loop if the 'tmp' directory is not writable.
-Fixed issue #13934: 3.14.1: Wrong redirect after logic check for question
-Fixed issue #13941: graphs do not show in simple or complex statistics
-Fixed issue: Browserdetect question theme not working correctly
-Fixed issue: Internet Explorer not able to open login screen
-Fixed issue: Rehide the navigator complement
-Fixed issue: STATA export plugin's not working.
-Fixed issue: browserdetect not saved correctly
-Fixed issue: color picker not working in inheriting themes
-Fixed issue: no logo for fruity after install
-Fixed issue: possible notice in theme editor.
-Fixed issue: sticky header option in fruity breaks inheritance (LouisGac) Download the latest version

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