LimeSurvey 3.13.2 build 180709 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #13345: showpopups in config.php seems to have no effect anymore
-Fixed issue #13802: Unable to see Survey policy without javascript activated
-Fixed issue #13804: Error about Data security policy shown when change language + clear all
-Fixed issue #13805: Multi-line Text Messages Do Not Exist in Translation.
-Fixed issue #13821: When importing a survey I receive a "Failed to Insert [3]" error message
-Fixed issue #13830: Language changer broken in Ajax mode
-Fixed issue #13831: Export of survey-structure
-Fixed issue #13833: Owner of survey are not able to edit assesments
-Fixed issue #13842: missing translation
-Fixed issue #13843: icon at the right side, should be in front of label
-Fixed issue #13845: Can't export and then import tab-separated text survey file
-Fixed issue #13846: missing translation
-Fixed issue #13856: position of labels in 5-point scale
-Fixed issue: 13840: Login with local user gives a php7.2 warning
-Fixed issue: Not possible to go to previous page in ajax mode
-Fixed issue: end-url redirection not working in ajax mode with compressed js (Markus Flür) Download the latest version

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