LimeSurvey 3.12.2 build 180625 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #12640: Unable to update lang when registering
-Fixed issue #12688: Global Settings are not applied to survey settings when creating a new survey
-Fixed issue #13725: Bad behaviour of help with Expression Manager and em_validation_q_tip
-Fixed issue #13776: Survey admin can see all survey groups
-Fixed issue #13783: [json-API] token in add_response causes errors and does not work in update_response
-Fixed issue #13790: End-URL redfirect is not working in AJAX mode
-Fixed issue #13794: RPC add_response reports error, still inserts a response record
-Fixed issue #13798: Ajaxmode : default save/reload button unfonctional
-Fixed issue #13801: Unable to change language without javascript
-Fixed issue : error shown when language updated in register
-Fixed issue : extra attributes lost when update language in register
-Fixed issue : unable to update language without js in register
-Fixed issue: Printing statistics created white page
-Fixed issue: Question edit breaking on double bracket insertion
-Fixed issue: ajax mode unfunctional on IE and Edge
-Fixed issue: error when installing LimeSurvey
-Fixed issue: error when installing LimeSurvey prt2
-Fixed issue: live update of options on edit question page
-Fixed issue: live update of question theme options on edit question page
-Fixed issue: redirection in ajax mode + fallback for no-js ajax mode (Markus Flür) Download the latest version

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