LimeSurvey 3.8.1 build 180524 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #12520: Crash when trying to generate a PDF with Graphs from statistic page on PHP 7.1 or later
-Fixed issue #13607: Multiple_choice_with_comments - bug
-Fixed issue #13623: Unable to update config of default theme
-Fixed issue #13633: Wrong data validation on dropdown boxes
-Fixed issue #13676: Saving {{ : }} in a twig file crashes Theme Editor...
-Fixed issue #13689: Missing translation
-Fixed issue #13690: Missing translations update/add survey group
-Fixed issue #13691: Missing translation central databse
-Fixed issue #13695: Error: CSS: width: only 0 can be a unit. You must put a unit after your number.
-Fixed issue #13699: After latest update, editing questions results in an error
-Fixed issue #13700: SQL error when trying to change changing user password on MSSQL DB
-Fixed issue: Move subquestion text to top in statistics
-Fixed issue: Response created at welcome page
-Fixed issue: Wrong colors for front end statistics
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