LimeSurvey 3.8.0 build 180522 released!

Last changes:

-New feature: List and download old 2.x survey templates
-Fixed issue #12653: Search users
-Fixed issue #13515: Cannot have a null default value when creating custom attributes in a custom question theme
-Fixed issue #13521: Access question and survey variables/data from within custom question theme Twig files
-Fixed issue #13559: [security] CSRF -> Stored XSS in template installation
-Fixed issue #13615: The month and year is not saved when advancing and returning in a survey
-Fixed issue #13680: Question screen = AdminController cannot find the requested view "/survey/questions/answer/listradio/columns/column_header".
-Fixed issue #13696: Error: Duplicate attributes accesskey for prev button
-Fixed issue #13696: Error: Duplicate attributes data-confirmedby for clear all button
-Fixed issue: HTML5 video editor plugin was disabled
-Fixed issue: Question theme dropdown on new question page doesn't work
-Fixed issue: Remote upload_file does not work
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