LimeSurvey 3.7.2 build 180508 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #13361: .twig files not accessible in Theme Editor when extending bootswatch
-Fixed issue #13634: Internal Server Error on CDbCommand when edit user
-Fixed issue #13638: Panel with user surveys doesn\'t load
-Fixed issue #13639: Average Mean and Standard Deviation
-Fixed issue #13651: Array
-Fixed issue : Unabe to set default export by plugin
-Fixed issue : unable to save plugin settings or survey language with debug
-Fixed issue: Language changer not working in bootswatch
-Fixed issue: Sending password reminder not working
-Fixed issue: Slider reset button not working as expected
-Fixed issue: Theme editor doesn't use the screen layout as default file
-Fixed issue: accordion tripled content
-New translation: Malayalam
#Updated translation: Catalan by qualitatuvic
#Updated translation: Dutch (Informal) by Han
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: French (France) by arnaud21
#Updated translation: German (Informal) by boppy, c_schmitz
#Updated translation: German by boppy, c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Hungarian by kkd
#Updated translation: Italian (Informal) by lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Italian by c_schmitz, duristef, lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Japanese by nomoto
#Updated translation: Malayalam by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Polish (Informal) by elissa
#Updated translation: Polish by elissa Download the latest version

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