LimeSurvey 3.5.0 build 180309 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #13461: Unable to start survey
-Fixed issue #13204: Even with good settings : browse ressources show "You dont have Permission to browse this server"
-Fixed issue #13268: Impossibilité de désactiver un questionnaire
-Fixed issue #13366: Extending a theme creates world writable directories
-Fixed issue #13371: missing translation
-Fixed issue #13419: Re-ordering questions and groups using Structure drag & drop fails
-Fixed issue #13436: missing translation
-Fixed issue #13440: Quota, Postgress cant add
-Fixed issue #13443: Logic error by using an Eclusive Option in a multiple choice question
-Fixed issue #13444: Exclusive Option in Multiple Choice question makes not exclusive options invisible instead of non selectable
-Fixed issue #13445: Out of Bound error when exporting marked responses from response list
-Fixed issue #13446: Unable to see "simple plugin"
-Fixed issue #13453: Small display issue in email global settings
-Fixed issue: 13450: DateTimePicker interface design problem
-Fixed issue: Installation broken
-Fixed issue: Session lifetime setting visible in global settings even though it is only supported for DB sessions
-Fixed issue: Slider left-/right labels not being set correctly
-Fixed issue: Theme Editor Broken after #13357 fix
-Fixed issue: automatic abbreviation in survey overview not working for data security error
-Fixed issue: hyphens in translation string
-Fixed issue: top bar touching survey
-New feature: Added data security policy settings
-New feature: Check for group sort order duplicates in data integrity check
-New feature: Check question order during integrity check
-New feature: Data security settings have to be accepted to take a survey
-New feature: added a js based filter on the data security acceptance
#Updated translation: Catalan by qualitatuvic
#Updated translation: Dutch (Informal) by Han
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: French (France) by b00z00
#Updated translation: German (Informal) by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Hungarian by kkd
#Updated translation: Myanmar by AlexEDGE1
#Updated translation: Norwegian (Bokmål) by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Polish (Informal) by elissa
#Updated translation: Polish by elissa Download the latest version

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