LimeSurvey 2.50+ build 160428 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #10997: Update-message corrupts menu on top of the page
-Fixed issue #11052: JS error with Date/Time question
-Fixed issue #11054: Template editor crashing. When an admin copies a template and deletes logo.png the template editor is crashing and the template cannot be opened anymore.
-Fixed issue #11056: Missing translation
-Fixed issue #11057: Missing smilies in content editor
-Fixed issue #11064: JavaScript code in source code not visible
-Fixed issue: Bad link for Browse uploaded ressources if publicurl is set
-Fixed issue: survey taking, random javascript error about modal function on console
-New feature #10958: Add btn-primary to next and submit
-New feature: ComfortUpdate improvements
-New feature: Disable comfortUpdate alerts from version.php
-New feature: Syntaxhighlighting in source code view when editing survey content
-Removed feature: Obsolete setting dropdownthreshold
#Updated translation: Catalan by qualitatuvic
#Updated translation: Chinese by aqualam
#Updated translation: French by arnaud21
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Indonesian by radhwaw
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Thai by tomzt
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