LimeSurvey 2.50+ build 160210 released!

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #10343: Fixed js variables for firefox
-Fixed issue #10286: Missing translations in plugin manager
-Fixed issue #10296: Problem with 0 equals empty string fixed
-Fixed issue #10305: Question and group
-Fixed issue #10308: Missing translation
-Fixed issue #10317: Glyphicons and/or font-awesome.
-Fixed issue #10318: Removed gecko hack
-Fixed issue #10320: Added width for survey summary table title
-Fixed issue #10321: Submit panel integration form when updating survey settings
-Fixed issue #10322: Boxes permission system
-Fixed issue #10326: Answer concatenation
-Fixed issue #10328: Use oTemplate->viewPath instead of getTemplatePath
-Fixed issue #10331: When installing : DB error don't show whole information
-Fixed issue #10333: Force width of htmleditor iframe
-Fixed issue #10336: No redirection after global setting saved
-Fixed issue #10337: Delete survey don't delete all user's settings
-Fixed issue #10339: Add icon and tooltip text to active but expired survey
-Fixed issue #10340: Remove search on SID to satisfy postgresql
-Fixed issue #10344: Added a link to create group from explorer
-Fixed issue #10344: Display quick actions when survey is new
-Fixed issue #10346: Removed default comment values for multiple text with comments
-Fixed issue #10346: Used $myfname2 insteas of $myfname
-Fixed issue #10349: Restored selectormodeclass none
-Fixed issue #10354: Add missing action variable
-Fixed issue #10362: Re-add position of question when adding it
-Fixed issue #10376: Data consistency check not done if url is set to get
-Fixed issue #9752: Sometimes it can be impossible to move a question after another one.
-Fixed issue: Old admin template or broken template are shown in admin list
-Fixed issue: Public survey list loads bootstrap even if template don't ask it
-New feature: Old template compatibility Download the latest version

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