LimeSurvey 2.05+ build 140131

-New feature: Validate uniqueness of question code before submit
-Fixed #8125: SPSS Export SDATE Date Problem
-Fixed issue #8548: Attachments Fail To Carry Over To Token Invitation
-Fixed issue #8573: Surveylist does not show translated survey titles
-Fixed issue #8577: XXE in survey import
-Fixed issue #8579: Stored XSS in File upload
-Fixed issue #8585: Data corruption after adding questions to a multilingual survey
-Fixed issue #8589: PHP object injection in surveys
-Fixed issue #8590: Hidden questions appear when you tab to them, even if the conditions to show them haven't been met
-Fixed issue #8592: Bad HTML in question break layout
-Fixed issue #8598: incorrect alphabetically sort of surveys in list
-Fixed issue #8599: Minor display issue in survey list selects
-Fixed issue #8605: Unable to add token attribute fields
-Fixed issue #8606: Unable to login using Postgres
-Fixed issue #8608: Cryptic message during ComfortUpdate
-Fixed issue #8609: Empty screen when clicking on sort question icon
-Fixed issue #8626: Superfluous PHP closing tag in "edit text elements"
-Fixed issue #8628: Spelling mistake in English language file
-Fixed issue #8630: check data validity when unserializing attributedescription
-Fixed issue #8632: Use SSL for ComfortUpdate
-Fixed issue #8642: Unable to create session key in RemoteControl when using MSSQL server
-Fixed issue: Double quote are removed for group title when editing
-Fixed issue: Error on database upgrade using MSSQL
-Fixed issue: Numeric-only codes on subquestions not being allowed
-Fixed issue: PDF and Word exports had non internationalized strings
-Fixed issue: Possibility to enter leading/trailing spaces for email address
-Fixed issue: Proper quoting of values when creating a database backup
-Fixed issue: Public survey list not working if MSSQL is used
-Fixed issue: Token attributes broken
#Updated translation: Armenian by Satenik
#Updated translation: Catalan by valdomir
#Updated translation: Chinese by yanglaw
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: Estonian by klaster
#Updated translation: French by arnaud21
#Updated translation: German by actxcellence, c_schmitz, mfaber
#Updated translation: Greek by kiolalis
#Updated translation: Italian by myliserta, lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Italian by lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Japanese by yamatt, nomoto
#Updated translation: Latvian by vipgroup, marcic
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Polish by elisa
#Updated translation: Russian by vipgroup
#Updated translation: Spanish by valdomir
#Updated translation: Swedish by maxzomborszki...

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