LimeSurvey 2.05 build 131209

-New feature #5740: Improve VV response import
-New feature #6477: optionnal comment place with "multi choice with comment"
-New feature #6880: Allow adaptation of 5 point slider
-New feature #7002: allow return to email template in email template edition
-New feature #7371: Allow to reset slider answer
-New feature #7664: Allow unix_socket on installation and connexion string
-New feature #7687 : RemoteControl2 export_responses should also have an Array / JSON with responses
-New feature #7810 Implement max/min date for date question
-new feature #7811: implement strtotime for EM
-New feature #8040: STATA export functionality
-New feature #8124: quexf: comment field for LIST WITH COMMENT question type
-New feature #8168: limesurvey button style for gringegreen and darkblue template
-New feature #8214: DateTimepicker for date/time question
-New feature #8247: Allow deactivate of autocorrection of numerical values
-New feature #8298: Easy move page in token + quick search
-New feature: Allow to use first line for header in vvimport
-New feature: Added beforeLogout and afterLogout events for authentication plugins
-New feature: Add extra class for multi column: colstyle-ul, colstyle-table and colstyle-css with display columns settings
-New feature: Allow search on token attribute if exist in token table
-New feature: Auditing plugin
-New feature: Basic LDAP authentication plugin
-New feature: Can replace javascript file in template
-New feature: Can use SGQA identifier to prefill some answer with URL in preview mode
-New feature: ComfortUpdate now supports updates to/from unstable versions
-New feature: Detailed user permissions
-New feature: Export Response By Token routine added to remote control
-New feature: Remotecontrol Export_timeline
-New feature: R-syntax available in remote control export_responses
-New feature: Update_response function
-New feature: When copying a survey you can choose if you want to include/exclude start/end date/time
-Updated feature #7145: validation field for date/time question
-Updated feature: Min/max date fields - codes/expressions should be entered without curly braces
-Updated feature: Revised favicon kindly provided by mrasquinho...

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