LimeSurvey 2.00+ build 121116

-Fixed issue #6590: Multiple numeric input questions set Expression Manager clauses in italics in default template
-Fixed issue #6854: Invalid question codes can be used when editing a question
-Fixed issue #6857: Survey language code changes not properly executed for Italian on upgrade from 1.x
-Fixed issue #6858: Large number inputs get truncated
-Fixed issue #6859: Integer values displayed as floating point numbers
-Fixed issue #6862: Question cannot be copied to different group
-Fixed issue #6863: Captcha not working
-Fixed issue #6867: Modification of user and survey rights results in an error
-Fixed issue #6869: Status icon broken / not shown on list of active survey with start date set
-Fixed issue #6873: Administration login using one-time password not working
-Fixed issue #6876: Error when taking survey with datestamps on answers enabled
-Fixed issue #6878: unable to save survey settings under some PHP version
-Fixed issue #6881: SQL Error when sending e-mail invite from survey tokens/participants list and using MSSQL
-Fixed issue #6883: Can't load statistics if survey contains Multiple choice questions and using MS SQL server
-Fixed issue #6885: Long survey pages jump down the page in IE8 compatibility view
-Fixed issue #6886: Admin password re-set after language changed and using Postgres
-Fixed issue: HTML tags in CSV headers on export
-Fixed issue: Language changer not display in firt page of survey
-Fixed issue: Save button for URL params not showing up
-Fixed issue: Update check on survey taking
-Fixed issue: Faulty cvs-export via remote-control
#Updated translation: Catalan by valdomir
#Updated translation: Danish by marvindk
#Updated translation: Finnish by hirvojo1, tigger
#Updated translation: French by DenisChenu
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Hungarian by hunkissleslie
#Updated translation: Japanese by nomoto
#Updated translation: Malay by ayahanda
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Polish by elisa
#Updated translation: Portuguese by mauriciofurtado
#Updated translation: Serbian by MilaVeljovic
#Updated translation: Spanish by valdomi...

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