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Easily adding javascript in questions

For workaround system in LimeSurvey, or specific need : you sometimes have to add some javascript inside question text. Using this plugin you have a easy way to do this even if you use HTML editor

The javascript are directly added using Yii system. Then you don't need to use jquery.ready function or anything else. You can use Expression Manager inside the script, and if you use HTML editor : no need to update source.

The same script is used for all language, no need to update javascript for each language.


The plugin is totally compatible with XSS protection : this let super-admin to manage script, but disallow simple user to update (or delete) this script.

Author: Denis Chenu
Vendor: Denis Chenu
Since: 2019-04-19
Version: 2.0.1
Compatibility: 2.73, 3.x
Type: Plugin
Downloads: 251


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