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Tonight after several weeks of hard work we released the new LimeSurvey 1.70beta which contains tons of new features - to name a few: Survey Quota, SSL SMTP, HTML Editor, Postgres Support etc...  Please be aware that this is a beta version so this version should not be used for production. However we need every feedback you can give us on it - please report any bugs/issues in the bug-tracker so we can make it a stable release soon.

Go to downloads now and grab this version or read on for the detailed list of new/changed features. 

New/Changed Features

[Survey at Runtime] INSERTANS for Question Type: Y, E, C (lemeur)
[Import / Export] Automatic Translation of relative links (images) at Survey/Group/Question Import (lemeur)
[Import / Export] Automatic Translation INSERTANS tags at Survey Import (lemeur)
[Assessments] Valid generic (non-error) front page with list of available surveys. (jasebo)
[Survey Design] Possibility to upload pictures to use in surveys (lemeur)
[Installation] Postgresql support (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] FCKEditor integration for survey design (lemeur)
[Survey Design] Wizard to insert tags (INSERTANS,...) as a plugin to FCKeditor (lemeur)
[Survey Design] Quota Management (machaven)
[Survey Design] Timestamp at survey start (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Dual Array Scale Question Type (Joesch)
[Security] Super Administrator Right (lemeur)
[Templates] Patch/Modification: Implement User Management to Template Access (patched by machaven)
[Survey at Runtime] Resume an incomplete (and not saved) survey (lemeur)
[Survey at Runtime] Prefilled Surveys (lemeur)
[Security] Authorize the 'preview survey' to authenticated LS users only (lemeur)
[Security] Implement Captcha for Survey-Access (with or without tokens) and makes Captcha switchable for Survey-Access/Registration/Load-and-Save (lemeur)
[Security] Delegate authentication to the webserver (lemeur)
[Survey at Runtime] Using a {LANGUAGECHANGER} tag integrates a select box in templates to change language on the fly (lazar)
[Survey Design] Auto-incrementing answer codes (c_schmitz)
[Tokens] Options to switch filter empty email field and filter duplicates in token import (c_schmitz)
[Tokens] Emails can be sent as HTML (lemeur)
[Survey at Runtime] Make Email Subjects of Admin Notifications Translateable (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Move submit button to last question page (c_schmitz)
[Survey at Runtime] Correct error message and further instructions, if user has disabled Cookies (c_schmitz)
[Security] Protection against token code brute force attacks (lemeur)  
[Survey at Runtime] Checkbox for Multiple Choice Other Option (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Mass Logic Eliminator (lemeur)
[Survey Design] New conditions operators on comparizons,regexp (dgeaperez)
[Survey Design] Total sum validation for "Multiple ShortText" Questions (jasebo)
[Survey Design] Randomize answers for Flexible arrays (jasebo)
[Survey Design] Re-organized survey creation/edition interface (lemeur)
[Survey at Runtime] Alternative presentation of Dates question (jasebo)
[Survey at Runtime] Print answers after completing the survey (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Survey description: Default values for additional surveys aren't set automatically (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] SSL for STMP emailing (Patched by c_schmitz)
[Import / Export] QueXML Survey structure export (Patched by c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Usability improvement: Hover effect for matrix questions (El-Matador-69)
[Survey Design] Display Label Set Name at Question Details (not only the Label Set ID) (c_schmitz)
[Tokens] Increased token code entropy (c_schmitz)
[Tokens] Moved Email settings from survey properties to "Tokens-Settings"-Menu (c_schmitz)
[Survey Design] Change conditions designer so that full question & answer text are visible (jasebo)
[Survey at Runtime] Attribute to disable/clear other checkboxes in Multiple Options question (jasebo)
[Survey Design] Adding new questions to very large surveys, and question sorts (jasebo)
[Survey Design] Question Attribute "display_columns" for Gender Question--Type (jasebo)


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