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    Free Open Source Software survey tool on the web.

  • Why use LimeSurvey and not some other commercial tool?

    Why use LimeSurvey and not some other commercial tool?

    • Free: Install where you want and as many times as you like - no costs.
    • Open Source: Inspect the source code, change it to do your bidding or create plugins to do so.
    • Free & Open Source: No costs, extend it!
    • Data safety: Sensitive response data stays in your hands - saved on your own servers.
    • Data safety: All data stays on your own server.
    • Limitless: Collect responses without limits, create an unlimited number of surveys
    • Limitless: No limits on surveys & responses
    • International: Available in 80 (yes, eighty!) languages
    • International: Supports >80 languages
    • Borderless: Export & import numerous formats used for surveys, responses and label sets
    • Borderless: Im-/export your data in various formats!

    Check out our extensive feature list...

  • What if I need support?

    What if I need support?

    We have it all in case you need it:

    • Literary: A detailed manual in various languages
    • Outsourcing: Try our own professional hosting service LimeService
    • Huge community: Community support by using our forums and IRC
    • Professional support: Any service needed is available by the licensed Official LimeSurvey Partners

    Look at our support options...

Now it is official and stable :-). Download it now or use the ComfortUpdater! Read more about all the new features available in this release:

New in 1.91

  • Updated FCKEditor to CKEditor (1.91+)
    The CKEditor replaces the older “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editing tool bringing an improved interface for text formatting within questions, groups and other text inputs. New with the update is immediate access to the “Source” button, so you can edit html source without first going to full screen, better content awareness (see a summary of all tags applying to selected text in the footer of the edit box) and improved pasting functionality (in full screen edit mode you can use the Microsoft Word paste assistant to strip unnecessary tags from Microsoft Word text)
  • Updated Excel export system (1.91+)
    The excel export tool library has been upgraded to the most up to date version.
  • SGQ identifier added as variable for use in questions (1.91+)
    When using JavaScript inside question and question help texts you can now use the field {SGQ} to refer to the unique SGQA reference for your question. This makes javascript more portable since you can export and import the javascript and SGQA references within a question and it will work when imported to a new survey.
  • Array(flexible label) question type can use dropdowns instead of radio buttons (1.91)
  • Mail bounce tracking system (1.91)
    When set up in conjunction with an SMTP account, the bounce tracking system will now retrieve “bounced” emails from token mailouts and update the tokens table to indicate that the bounced email does not work. The bounce tracking system requires the ability to run an automated process using a cron system (on linux servers)
  • Preview of question groups (1.91)
    This long awaited feature allows you to test individual groups of questions, saving time when testing surveys since you won’t have to start at the very beginning of the whole survey. The testing features are now available in all situations – individual question, groups of questions, or the full survey.
  • Google maps integration (ask user to click on location and save GPS coordinates) (1.91)
    New ‘advanced settings’ in the Short Text question type now allow integration with the Google Maps API. When using the new feature the survey participant will see a map (focussed on the coordinates you provide or integrated with an IP mapping service) and be able to click on a location. This will then save the GPS coordinates in your text box.
  • New Optional Survey Settings (1.91)
    A range of new ‘survey settings’ are available for more fine-grained control of the presentation of individual surveys. On a survey by survey basis you can now
    - turn on or off the “There are x questions in this survey” message (previously only controllable within templates),
    - whether or not to display group names and/or descriptions,
    - whether or not to show question numbers or codes,
    - whether or not to display a welcome screen, or just start with the first question (1.91)
    - turn on/off the progress bar (1.91)
    - (if configured to allow it) turn on or off the “No Answer” options in radio lists
    - Allow users to return to a submitted survey and change answers (1.91)
  • Redesigned survey toolbar to declutter the interface (1.91)
  • Keyboardless operation for tablet devices (1.91)
    A new survey setting which enables special “keyboardless” operation for use with tablet devices. When enabled, LimeSurvey will provide a virtual keypad whenever a text input is displayed (independent of the tablet device or OS).
  • Administration navigation options to move back/forward through questions or groups
    For limesurvey administrators, the ‘Group Toolbar’ and ‘Question Toolbar’ now include backward and forward icons to quickly skip between groups or questions without using the dropdown lists.
  • ‘Quick translation’ feature, uses google translate to automatically translate survey text into other languages (1.91)
    When a survey is set up for multiple languages you can now pre-fill all the subsequent language texts with a google-translation generated translation.
  • New timing feature (records timings of all questions, and survey in separate table)
    This option creates a parallel recording system that will keep track of each individual response and record timing information for every question.
  • Numeric questions can be restricted to integers (ie: no decimal places) (1.91)
  • Numeric questions can now have maximum or minimum values set (ie: no lower then 5,no higher than 10) (1.91)
  • Emoticon or stars slider question type (1.91)
    The ‘5 Point Choice’ question type now has an ‘advanced feature’ which will display the 1 to 5 selection as 5 stars, or as emoticons
  • SSL options for administration (use https:// if available) (1.91)
  • New administration toolbar layout, using dropdown menus. Separation of editing survey settings and survey texts.
  • CSS class names for question and answer cells to allow easier styling of questions
  • New Question Types List that groups question types for easier selection, and shows a preview of each question type before selection. (1.91)


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