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LimeSurvey is proud and excited to announce our participation in Google's Summer of Code 2010.

Our involvement last year was hugely successful, so we're naturally excited about the opportunities that will be presented to us this year.

We will be focussing (as with last year) on building core functionality in LimeSurvey version 2, but we may also be able to assign students to some LimeSurvey 1 development.

We encourage the broader LimeSurvey community to participate as fully as possible with the Summer of Code activities by communicating with students, contributing project ideas and helping students as they develop their project proposals and later as they implement them. GSoC is a community building event, so lets build our community :-)

If you are a interested student please have a look at our Google Summer of Code Wiki Pages , our ideas page and our discussion forums! and share your thoughts - tell us if you would be interested to take up on one of the tasks or if you have an even better idea you would like to develop in LimeSurvey 2 - the race has started!


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