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A user wrote to us: "Hello! Do you know which universities are currently using LimeSurvey?  We use LimeSurvey at our university, and a few schools are looking into licensing options with another product. I would like to provide the schools with feedback on LimeSurvey and why they should be using it and refrain from pay high fees to a 3rd-party-licensed product. "

Please help us help him! If you know that your university/school is offering LimeSurvey as a survey tool please add your university/school name and your experiences to this thread in the forum!

Read more to see the compiled list as of 19 March 2013...


Educational Institution Web Location (Country)
Australian Catholic University Australia
University of Sydney Australia (New South Wales)
Monash University Australia (Victoria)
MCI Management Center Austria
Catholic University Leuven/Louvain Belgium
Universidade de Sao Paulo Brazil
McMaster University Canada
Consejo Nacional de Rectores Costa Rica
Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica Costa Rica
Sistema Nacional de Acreditacion de la Educacion Superior Costa Rica
Universidad de Costa Rica Costa Rica
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica Costa Rica
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia Costa Rica
Universidad de El Salvador El Savador
University of Derby England
Avignon University France
Supélec France
University of Poitiers France
University of Rennes 1 France
University Rennes 2 (Haute-Bretagne) France
Technische Univeritat Bergakademie Freiberg Germany
Universitat Kaiserslautern Germany
University of Bayreuth Germany
University of Kiel Germany
Ben-Gurion University Israel
Scuola Internazionale Superiore Italy
Dalat International School Malaysia
University of Otago New Zealand
Ajou University South Korea
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Spain
Universitat Zurich Switzerland
1994 Group (19 UK Universities) United Kingdom
Arizona State University United States of America (Arizona)
Claremont Graduate University United States of America (California)
Georgia Institute of Technology United States of America (Georgia)
Southern Illinois University United States of America (Illinois)
University of Illinois United States of America (Illinois)
University of Kentucky United States of America (Kentucky)
Brandeis University United States of America (Massachusetts)
Syracuse University United States of America (New York)
University at Buffalo United States of America (New York)
Kent State University United States of America (Ohio)
LeTourneau University United States of America (Texas)
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School United States of America (Texas)
Texas A&M University United States of America (Texas)


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