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Hello everyone,

I am having intermittent problems with zip file downloading ('Download all files in this response as a zip').

If there is only one file in the zip, it seems to work perfectly in the backend. If there are multiple files (presumably that cause the zip to become larger), the zip download does not work. The page simply refreshes.

Strangely, if I wish to download multiple zip files by using the checkboxes, I can select them all and the 'download marked files' button works correctly; the files begin to download.

I have increased my memory size to 256M in php.ini and added 256 to memory_limit in config-defaults.php. Php zip is definitely installed (as it works when downloading the smaller files) and my php.ini timeout is 300 seconds. I am running version 2.05, build 140414. I have tried debug=>1 and 2, and there are no errors, nor are there errors in my PHP log.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I have been doing some testing and it really seems to be random which zip files will download and which won't. None of them work if you download them individually, but some work if you 'select all' and others don't. All responses have attachments.

Any thoughts?
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il y a 4 ans 4 mois #115059 par Mazi
Usually such random error are related to insufficient server resources. You have already raised some limits but I think you also need to check/raise these:
- Upload_max_filesize
- Max_input_time
- Post_max_size

If it works fine for single responses it can most probably only be related to resources. When using shared hosting the avaialble resources can differ every minute.

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
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il y a 4 ans 3 mois #116070 par errata
Thanks for your help Mazi, I finally got this working again today after playing around with those settings. It seems that a certain few uploads still do not work, but all the more recent ones are working fine!

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