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SUJET : bug: importing of survey not possible anymore

bug: importing of survey not possible anymore il y a 1 an 2 mois #105747

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I tried several times to report a bug at but I can neither login nor create a new account only for bug reports. It seems I am a little bit to stupid. Thus the bug report here.

I upgraded to version
from: Version 2.00+ Build 131206
to: Version 2.05+ Build 140226
and cannot import anymore surveys from TXT files (TAB separated CSV files re-namend TXT).
I tested with several of these files which I successfully imported before.

Error message:
CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000]:
Integrity constraint violation:
1062 Duplicate entry '0-0-ja-other-0' for key 'PRIMARY

OS: Windows XP/SP3

Any hint is to solve the problem is appreciated; otherwise take this as a bug report as mentioned above.
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