auth_webserver, and setting information in config.php

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ColinFine a créé le sujet : auth_webserver, and setting information in config.php
Having created a survey on my local machine, I'm trying to set up limesurvey on the real server.

I'm putting the admin access inside directory which is already authenticated by the webserver.

So I tried setting auth_webserver.

First problem: the manual page (optional settings) says "If you want to change these settings please do not change it in config-defaults.php but copy the particular setting/line over to /application/config/config.php in 'config'=>array() and change it there."

But config.php and config-defaults.php HAVE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STRUCTURE. config.php is a single expression "return array( .... );" whereas config-defaults.php is all in terms of "$config = somevalue".

I am guessing that when config-defaults.php says
$config = false;

that has to translate into config.php as

return array(
'config' => array(

'auth_webserver' => true,

because I can't see any other way to get the settings in there. It would be nice, and helpful if something, somewhere, actually explained this - or explained why I am wrong and how you're supposed to do it.

Anyway, having done this, I fire up limesurvey/admin/index.php, having created myself as a user (since I've given up trying to get the autocreate_usar to work. The browser asks me to authenticate, since I've put the url somewhere that does; but limesurvey still expects me to login, contrary to what it says on the "Optional settings" page.

What am I doing wrong, please?

I appear to have 2.00+, build 130802.

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