LimeSurvey cannot connect to MySqli Database

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il y a 4 ans 10 mois #98502 par bnwimmer
bnwimmer a créé le sujet : LimeSurvey cannot connect to MySqli Database
at Step 3 of the install process LS refuses to connect to the database of my provider.
LS said in Step 2 that all requirements are ok.
The server is localhost, db name and db user are ok also the password. The server runs PHP 5.5.25
Database Client: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 731e5b87ba42146a687c29995d2dfd8b4e40b325 $
The MySQL Extension is mysqli.
This is very annoying 'cause Joomla, Wordpress,Mahara, Moodle run on this server without problems, even the installation of all these were done with a few mouseclicks. Just LS says "noWay!" Any ideas?

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