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SUJET : hosting crash

hosting crash il y a 2 ans 3 mois #92507

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So I use hostgator, shared hosting, and it crashed today. I am on 1.8 (the latest, cannot get into see the exact version). Should I look for a new hosting provider, or dedicated hosting? I have optimized all the php settings, we generally have about a 100 question survey, with about 20,000 users but sometimes up to 100,000 users.

They wanted to know:

You may want to consult the LimeSurvey Documentation at to see if caching is an option as well as general optimization suggestions.

Please note that the site ( was generating a 403 error message in a browser due to the following line in the .htaccess file at /home/nhs2/public_html

DirectoryIndex login.php

Is this set this way for a reason? Typically the default.html or index.php file should load. Is this set up this way for a reason? Should we revert the change?
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Re: hosting crash il y a 2 ans 3 mois #92517

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OK, a 100 question survey with 20.000 - 100.000 respondents for sure is nothing for a shared hoster like hostgator. I think with this type of surveys you should even invest in a own dedicated server.

About the other aspects: I have no idea. But to me it doesn't look right. I don't think that this comes from Limesurvey, especially as it is in the public_html folder and your limesurvey installation is in the subfolder "limesurvey2".
Have a look at the manual! It is a really valuable source for information. Here some helpful links:
Manual (EN) | Question Types | Question Attributes | Workarounds

If you found this answer helpful and it saved you some time please consider a donation to the project to keep Limesurvey going!
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