How to install PHP Composer on a Limesurvey Docker image

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il y a 7 mois 3 jours #171257 par SarikaA
Forgive me if this is an obvious question. I am fairly new to docker and I am having trouble understanding the installation instructions here:

I want to use PHP Composer in my Limesurvey docker image that was generated with the following docker-compose "yml" file:
  image: mariadb
  restart: always
    - "32805:3306"
    MYSQL_DATABASE: limesurvey
    MYSQL_USER: limesurvey
    MYSQL_PASSWORD: password
    - limesurvey-db:/var/lib/mysql
    - limesurvey-dblog:/var/log/mysql
    - limesurvey-dbetc:/etc/mysql
  image: fjudith/limesurvey
  restart: always
    - "32705:80"
    - limesurvey-upload:/var/www/html/upload
  links:[code type=""]
    - limesurvey-md:mysql

What do I need to add to my yml file to accomplish this? If it helps, there is a directory called "application" in the Limesurvey image:

And how do I give this composer a command while it is in the container? I am using Windows 10 and the docker container is running the default linux environment. fjudith's Limesurvey container is using the last 2.X branch of Limesurvey (the one right before 3.X) and it is running PHP 7.2

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il y a 7 mois 15 heures #171298 par LouisGac
you should have a look here:

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