Token Mismatch after upgrade

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il y a 1 an 5 jours #169937 par joeschwab
We have a survey where participants are sent to a secondary survey once the complete the first. The user is given the same token in both surveys so that we can link the data together in our analysis.

This was all working properly until recently upgrading to Version 3.9.0+180604.

Now when the first survey forwards the participant to the second survey, an error page appears stating that there is a token mismatch.

However, when we text or email the second survey link to the participant to try again, they are able to complete the survey.

I have so far had a really hard time duplicating the problem, but have noticed it when first visiting the participant's url for this second survey. but then when visiting it a second time, the survey loads correctly.

We have a lot of participants who are unable to complete the survey

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il y a 1 an 4 jours #169949 par tpartner
Réponse de tpartner sur le sujet Token Mismatch after upgrade
It may be due to a session problem. Try appending newtest=Y to the redirect URL.

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