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SUJET : email verification program

email verification program il y a 2 ans 2 mois #92558


I want to put a special conditions to avoid the respondent to proceed to next question if the email address isn't correct or if the email address and the verification of the email don't match.

I use the following link to program it (

Regarding to the developpement, my question is a multiple free short text coded "emails" containing 2 subquestions (1 for the email address input, the 2nd for the validation which is also a email address) coded 1 et 2.

As the upper link recommended it, I have made two developpement in the adavnced queston setting.

- The first one is the question validation equation :
(emails_1 == emails_2))

- the second is the question validation tip :
'','Veuillez entrer une adresse mail.<br />')}
{if(is_empty(emails_2) or
'','Veuillez vérifier votre adresse mail.<br />')}
emails_1 == emails_2,
'Merci, vos adresses mails correspondent',
'Veuillez entrer des adresses mails identiques')}

The messages in the tip are good but the respondents still procced to the next question even if one of the email address is wrong or if the both email address don't match.

What did I make wrong ?
Do I forgot somethig ?

Thanks for helping me
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email verification program il y a 2 ans 2 mois #92585

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