Issue on copying survey

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il y a 7 ans 1 mois #86904 par McdanielMackenzie
Hi. Looking for a 2nd-opinion on this or if my issue is localized.

In short, my install seems to have artifacts when copying a survey. Specifically:

  • Take existing survey and copy it to a different survey
  • Using new survey, apply a different theme. Critical is that the 2nd theme have a different image file and associated name (I'm using logos here and both nomenclature and file types differ).
  • In template preview, the logo shows correctly. However, in production, the logo / image does not show. Rather, it simply says "logo" (the alt description from 'welcome.pstpl').
  • Reviewing the document source shows that the page is trying to load the old file name. This file name no longer exists in any pstpl or .js files that I know of for the associated template.
Thanks. If anyone can reproduce I'll file a bug report I guess.


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