Realizing a n-back task

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il y a 7 ans 2 mois - il y a 7 ans 2 mois #82938 par eichi
Realizing a n-back task a été créé par eichi
already posted in irc, but gotta try to reach some people here too. ;-)

i was trying to setup a n-back task in my survey. similiar to this one - except that i am doing it with vowels. at the moment i am realizing it with a new question for each vowel and a timelimit on the question. then it hops to the next vowel. the user has then to enter whether its the same vowel or not. but this is kinda unsexy. is there any possibility to optimize this? im using LimeSurvey Professional (previously LimeService)

Dernière édition: il y a 7 ans 2 mois par eichi.

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