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SUJET : Filter on Token Attributes

Filter on Token Attributes il y a 5 mois 2 semaines #101310

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My question focuses on reporting in LimeSurvey. Is there a way to filter report statistics based on the value of a 'custom' token field for a particular participant?
For example, I send out a education-based survey based on a course. After 6 months, I (using remoteControl API) programmatically add all students that completed the reports as entries in the survey's tokens table with some custom attributes such as course 'section' (there is only one course, but many sections or classes for that course).
Suppose I wanted to get a report for all survey responses from a certain 'section', can I do that in LimeSurvey? I do not see an option in the 'Report and statistics' page where you can filter by token attributes. So it seems although the data is all there, it is not able to be queried. I've attached a picture of what I would imagine this would look like
Please advise if there is a way to accomplish this or if this would need to be a new feature?
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