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I am looking to enable participants to be able to withdraw their informed consent and so have their anonymised data destroyed. I am looking therefore for an unique identifier number to be generated that a participant can provide to link with their anonymised data as per British Psychological Society suggestion in their ethical guidelines [1:6]. Before I do do any further work is this already implemented?

I have considered using the JavaScript workaround that generates an identifier from first initial and month of birth, using sha1 encryption but this is not unique enough e.g. Twins Tim and Tom. I had started o look at incorporating the email address along with extra security data such as initial and DOB. However JavaScript and lime survey is not my main skillset.

I am also wanting to relate Pre and post intervention surveys to each other.

Hope you can help

[1] British Psychological Society. 2007. Report of the Working Party on Conducting Research on the Internet: Guidelines for Ethical Practice in Psychological Research Online. Leicester, United Kingdom: British Psychological Society.
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To make your identifier unique, you can incorporate the {SAVEDID} which is available after submitting the first question page.

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