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il y a 6 mois 3 semaines #176264 par MW1234
Hello everyone,

LimeSurvey was recommended to me by a friend when I asked him what to use for an online experiment I want to conduct for a scientific paper on colour psychology I'm writing.
He did, however, warn me that he himself doesn't know how much LimeSurvey can actually do, so I decided to ask here.

I want to try and find out whether specific colours influence our judgement when it comes to dilemmas.
P.e. would someone seeing red act more rashly than someone seeing blue? Would someone seeing blue take more time to decide?
What I thought of doing is show the participant a dilemma. Each participant is shown a different colour than the previous one. For example, I would like to cycle red and blue as they seem to be the most interesting, and every fifth one I'd put a colour like green, to check whether there is a tangible difference.
The participant will also see a timer so that they don't have an infinite amount of time to answer. After the time runs out, the next dilemma would appear.

What I hope to find is that people with a red background use less time than the ones with blue or green and pick the more drastic measures. For that to be possible I would have to be able to see in the analytics how much time was spent on each question.
If there is a 60-second countdown, I would like to know whether the average person seeing blue takes more time to think than the one seeing red.

So for all this to be possible I need to be able to have about 40% of the participants seeing red, 40% blue and 20% green. I also need to be able to put a timer on questions and have an average time per question for the different colours in analytics.

And at the beginning of the survey, I'd probably add a page asking things like general age, whether someone is colourblind (That'd be a nice way to check if any of this is useful )other than adding green) and other more general questions.

I hope I didn't write this in a way that is too convoluted, I'm a bit tired at the moment.
Anyway, thanks for anyone who reads this and knows if this is the right tool for the job!


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il y a 6 mois 3 semaines #176268 par tpartner
All possible in LimeSurvey.

1. You can download group timings with the data which will show you how long the respondent spent in each question group.

2. You can place timers on various question types.

3. You can load an equation question with a random number between 1 and 100 and then use question or group relevance based on this to show the colour questions. Given a large enough sample size you should be able to get very close to 40/40/20.

Please refer to the manual -

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