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il y a 8 mois 4 jours #174167 par sage12
Hello everyone,

I have a Survey with mandatory questions and conditions. Some questions are skipped based on previous answers. When I allow a respondent to go back in the Survey with the previous button, mandatory warnings appear at first sight of a question when previous button is used. It seems to me that the mandatory check is not what we should expect.

Someone answers question 1 (group 1). Based on this answer he is presented either with question 2 or question 3 (group 2). Answering one of these questions, he continues to question 4 (group 3). Without answering it, he decides to go back to question 1 and modify his answer. Then he is presented the other question from question 2 or question 3. However this time, a warning for a mandatory question appears even without clicking the next button and even if it is the first time he sees the question.

I use LS 2.50 build 160620 and I added the .lss file to this message. Here are the steps to replicate the problem with the attached survey.

1-At FilterQuestion choose option "Question 2" then click next.
2-Answer any (yes or no) at question 2 then click next.
3-At question 4, click previous.
4-Back at question 2, click previous again.
5-Back at FilterQuestion, this time choose option "Question 3" then click next.
6-You should see a warning at question 3 similar as if you tried to skip it without answering.

Thank you.

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il y a 8 mois 4 jours #174170 par jelo
I see no attached survey file.

Bugs will be fixed only for LS 3.
So you might not get a solution for your version LS 2.50 build 160620.

The meaning of the word "stable" for users
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