Edit respondent table via API / R/Limer (Add/edit respondents and/or variables)

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Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning the API and more specifically using the great R package Limer to directly connect to and change the respondent table of my surveys.

I'd like
(1) to add/delete respondents from the respondent table of a survey via API - and

(2) I'd like to be able to add variables to the respondent table and fill in values for the existing respondents (that would be just perfect - since I have a panel where I learn more and more about the respondents - e.g. their preferred day of the week to receive the invitation)

In both cases I'd like to add and/or change the entrys for a lot of respondents - so manually add them one-by-one I'd like to avoid - and I'd prefer a reproducible solution via API and Limer without uploading respondent tables etc.

So far I know that it's possible to get all the information from the participant table via the APIs "list_participants". In R with Limer this:

resp <- call_limer(method = "list_participants", 
           params = list(iSurveyID = sid))

It saves the respondent table in an object "resp" that can be worked with. This is very, very handy - but: are there also methods to write and change the respondent table from the API? And are they applicable from R with Limer?

Thanks a lot for your time!
Best, G

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