Challenge with API for add_participants, list_participants

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il y a 9 mois 5 jours #169870 par rabshier1
I am trying to make the add_participants API call using node.js and express. It's adding the participants, but I am not getting the array back in the response from the post. I get an OK code back .

This is not the case with all API calls. I made a copy_survey call and do indeed get the response with the newsid inside. Made the call the same manner as shown below. Any thoughts?

Here's the objective:
  • Activate the participants table (works)
    Activate the survey (works)
    Add Participants (works, but no array returned)
    Send Invitations

I chased an alternative of doing list_participants and sending the emails in a separate route/post. But I am having similar issue here. I get an OK code but no array back when I make the list_participants call also.

Any thoughts to what I have missed? Thanks!!

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