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il y a 2 mois 2 semaines #181349 par mariaa
Hi all :)

I just had a look at the statistics of my survey and noticed that some bar charts are displayed incorrectly. Therefore the results can not be read.

Here you have an example. On the left you find a correctly displayed statistic and on the right a incorrectly displayed one. (each answer has been answered at least by one or two participants)

The statistics settings are the same for all questions:

At first I hoped that it was because of the length of the answer possibilities that the bar charts are displayed incorrectly but when I click at "export statistics" on the bottom of the statistics page, the exported images look exactly the same.

Does anyone know what´s the problem and can give me a tip on how to solve it?

Please find here the survey if it´s helpful for you.

Fichier attaché :

Nom du fichier : limesurvey...5928.lss
Taille du ficher :80 ko

Thanks a lot for your support!

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