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Scan plugins not working on Linux/Redhat

2 years 6 months ago #111878 by OrlinAlvarado
I'm trying to load my new plugin, that autenticate user using Webservice, but I'm having trouble loading the plugin. I already upload the plugin folder to "/application/core/plugins/" but it doesn't appear on the Plugin Manager.

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2 years 5 months ago #111893 by OrlinAlvarado
I already fixed by myself. The problem was the plugin file name.

Under windows 7 have: \application\core\plugins\AuthWS\Authws.php, it works on windows but on Linux, the plugin is not loading.

I was checking the file: \application\libraries\PluginManager\PluginManager.php, it says "// Directory name Example most contain file ExamplePlugin.php.", then I realize that the problem was the file name.

I renamed the file Authws.php to AuthWS.php, the same name as the parent directory, Now Linux Load it.

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