checkbox array with column filter and exclusive options

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The thread " " that Denis has pointed me very nice and effective but it will not work if we will use relevance in any sub-question that is a building block of the whole question. This is because this script perform DOM manipulation.If we change the layout of page using pure CSS then our relevance will work smoothly. I am learning jquery and CSS and experimented a little bit.

Although we can create a multi checkbox array by creating Numeric array with checkbox layout but it has many issues.
Ist: I have to write complex javascript for column filtering.
2nd: If have to use javascript to make any checkbox exclusive in a column.
3rd:It fix my request

I have group by group display layout . For array with muti checkbox I created as many questions as many columns I need in my array. Then used pure CSS to modify the layout. You can see column relevance from first question ie Filter and 5th answer option in every column is exclusive. It would be great is any CSS expert can help to further improve the layout so that it should not break on different screen size.

Please check below link:-

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Hi Trivender,

Consider wrapping all of the floated questions in a <div class="questions-outer-wrapper> element. You then position this wrapper a little easier.

Tony Partner

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Thanks ,With out wrapper the layout will be east to manage but I think relevance will not work. What do you say?

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