Column headers in the export file (CSV)

5 months 2 weeks ago #176352 by EdenResident

When I export survey responses from Offline Survey to CSV files, my column headers are all codes like this

948522X12X64 948522X12X65 948522X12X66 948522X12X67

This is from DBResults.csv. easyResults is even worse with blank headers. Looking at these headers, I have to guess which one corresponds to which question Code from LimeSurvey. For example, those 4 headers above correspond to
CITY, DISTRICT, WARD, SPCODE in my LimeSurvey design.

So my question is, how can I tell Offline Survey to export the human-readable question codes as column headers instead of those machine codes above?


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5 months 2 weeks ago #176355 by lfanfoni
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5 months 1 week ago #176478 by aaskoura
Hi, I recommend you to rely solely on DB_results.csv file, with column headers like 948522X12X64 948522X12X65 948522X12X66 948522X12X67... These are the same headers LimeSurveys use...

The other more user friendly column headers, we fetch by scrapping the HTML, we cannot guarantee its accuracy while supporting LimeSurvey templates starting 1.92+. you could send me privately (support [at] your survey url and I will make sure it is fixed though

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