LimeSurvey 2.05+ build 140902

4 years 3 months ago #112179 by c_schmitz
c_schmitz created the topic: LimeSurvey 2.05+ build 140902
-Fixed issue #9190 : reduce memory footprint for "Ranking" type
-Fixed issue: CSS being broken when loading email template for detailed admin notification
-Fixed issue: Misuse of 'xml' as file extension for tab-separated-values format
-Fixed issue: Notification emails not being sent if spaces are preceding the email address
-New feature: Add title on question list when exporting result
-New feature: Default value for yes/no question type
-New translation: Kazakh
#Updated translation: Arabic by sessid, safi00972
#Updated translation: Bulgarian by simid
#Updated translation: Chinese by yanglaw
#Updated translation: Dutch by L191
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: French by arnaud21
#Updated translation: Greek by MikeConom, kiolalis
#Updated translation: Kazakh by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Polish by elisa
#Updated translation: Russian by ddrmoscow, vipgroup
#Updated translation: Spanish by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Spanish by aesteban
#Updated translation: Swedish by maxzomborszki
#Updated translation: Tamil by apmuthu...

Best regards

Carsten Schmitz
LimeSurvey project leader

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