LimeSurvey 2.51.4 build 160908 released!

2 years 10 months ago #141545 by c_schmitz
Last changes:
-Fixed issue #11615: Input is not properly supressed when...

Last changes:

-Fixed issue #11615: Input is not properly supressed when setting "numbers only" restriction
-Fixed issue #11621: Installer allows invalid database names
-Fixed issue #11624: Zeros in Excel export are formatted as text not as numbers
-Fixed issue #11628: When LDAP enabled and default the login form does not look properly
-Fixed issue #11633: User can access closed surveys of no tokens were generated
-Fixed issue #11634: Quick add answer options, all options have same code
-Fixed issue #11635: Array by column has no zebra style
-Fixed issue: [security] Closed surveys accessible without token if no participants having a token exist
-Fixed issue: Active and running filter not working if there is only start- or enddate
-Fixed issue: Active and running not working on postgres
-Fixed issue: Custom templates have a Open Modal instead of a exit and clear button
-Fixed issue: User with token update permission does not see 'Send invitation/reminder' menu entries
#Updated translation: French by arnaud21
#Updated translation: Italian by lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Italian by lfanfoni
#Updated translation: Serbian by MilaVeljovic
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Carsten Schmitz
LimeSurvey project leader

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