Removal/Change of limereplacementfields

3 years 6 months ago #118580 by ciez
ciez created the topic: Removal/Change of limereplacementfields
Hey everyone, quick question.

I've been working on hardening and customizing our LimeSurvey environment at work. I think the last thing that I need to do to is change the name of limereplacementfields so that if anyone went to limesurveysite/admin and looked at the source code, they wouldn't see "limereplacementfields" inside of:

<script type="text/javascript">
/*<![CDATA[*/ = {"baseUrl":"http:\/\/","showScriptName":true,"urlFormat":"path","adminImageUrl":"\/styles\/gringegreen\/images\/","csrfToken":"7bdda39c6e4b6141ab1c9e44310070e86765a138","replacementFields":{"path":"\/index.php\/admin\/limereplacementfields\/sa\/index"}};
$.ajaxSetup({data: {YII_CSRF_TOKEN:}});

I found the limereplacementfields.js file and was poking around there but I don't think editing anything relating to that will accomplish what I'm aiming for. Well, I'll probably have to rename that file and then point whatever is calling that script to the new name, but I can't find what is calling it in the first place.

Hopefully that all makes sense...

Thanks in advance for any help!

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