Bulk Email problem with a huge number of tokens

4 years 1 month ago #116951 by Witz
Server : Windows Server 2008 R2
Database : MS SQL 10.0
PHP : 5.3.8
LimeSurvey Build : 2.05+ Build 141229

We have a designated server only for the LimeSurvey. On this server we have two LimeSurvey versions, 1.92+ Build 120919 and 2.05+ Build 141229.

Until last year, we used 1.92 and installed 2.05 recently. We tried to upgrade the old one but no luck so we should add the new one on it.

We have a huge(?) token table which has more than 500K tokens. The bulk emailing is working fine on 1.92 with this more than 500k token table.

However, It's not working on 2.05. Very first time, I thought some email settings were wrong on the new Limesurvey but the bulk emailing function is working fine in other small surveys.

I was able to email out one-by-one in this huge token table survey but bulk/batch emailing is not working.

To find out the problem, I reduced the token table size down and kept trying. Finally it worked when the token table size is 26k. It wasn't working with 27k tokens and more.

The batch/bulk emailing function of Limesurvey 1.92 is working fine with 500K tokens.

I am sure it's version 2.05 problem because both are using the same sever, databse, and PHP.

Currently I am looking for if there is any difference in configuration between two.

Please advise me if there is anything I should check or try.


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