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2 years 9 months ago #109743 by tobi99

i have trouble with the menu item "panel-Integration" in the general settings of a Survey. I want to create a new URL-Parameter. So I do the following:
1. Click on "Add URL Parameter"
2. Type in "Parameter Name" and "target question"
3. Click on "Save". Now I see it listed as an URL-Parameter
4. Click again on "Save" to store it in the database. I get forwarded to the main Administration page of the Survey.
5. I choose again "panel-Integration" in the General Survey Settings, but now I don't see the URL-Parameter I have created before.

When I look in the limesurvey-database the new url-parameter is stored in the table lime_survey_url_parameters and I can use it. But still it isn't displayed in the panel-Integration. Any ideas, what I'm doing wrong?

LimeSurvey 2.00+ Build 131206
Mysql 5.5.9
PHP 5.2.13
IIS 7.5
WindowsServer 2008 R2

Thanks in advance!

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